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Food Journaling and Nutrition

While I was training for the HyVee Triathlon, I developed some really bad food habits and felt like I could eat whatever I wanted.  Actually, I pretty much could on longer training days.  I didn’t pay any attention to nutrition though, and allowed myself too many empty calories (coffee drinks, cookies, etc…)  After the race, […]

Matty J and My Juice Fame

Matty J an I were featured as 2 of the 4 young professionals in our local Juice Magazine’s story on the Hy Vee Triathlon.  We were both the featured swimmers.  The only thing I wish readers could have seen from the story is that I really, really, am not good at this.  I am one […]

Obsessed with Ironman Blogs/Random Thoughts of the Day

Uh Oh. I’ve found a new distraction.  Since I’d been having lots of self-doubt about my impending 5150 (the HyVee Tri) I decided to read about people’s first Ironman Triathlons.  I am absolutely obsessed.  Here are a few of my favorites so far from people who have completed an Ironman (and make it seem do-able): […]

Knee Pain? Check your IT Band!

I’ve been dealing with knee pain issues since the Copper Creek Triathlon.  At the beginning of the run, I got that feeling in my left knee where it needed to pop.  I paused briefly, cupped my hand over my knee and tried a few times to bend it and stretch.  No luck so I just […]

Excellent Speaker for Sports Teams!

Today my training partner and friend Braxton (a Chiropractor and owner of Pulley Chiropractic for over 8 years) visited with my employees (primarily massage therapists) to discuss with us some helpful stretches for self care and to discuss progression of injury from muscle issue to ligament issue to bone issue.  It was WONDERFUL!  If we […]

When do you find time to train?

Teammate Braxton sent a paper copy of this 18 week training program (we’d be starting about week 9) to prepare for the HyVee Triathlon Olympic distance race (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run) the first weekend in September.  I knew training would take quite a bit of time, but actually seeing the commitment laid out […]

Feed me!

All day I’ve been fretting about what would be the best foods to eat the night before and morning of my race (Copper Creek Triathlon) tomorrow.  I’ve read things online in praise of salt and carbs and bananas and protein bars, but want to know your thoughts. I found some helpful suggestions here and after […]

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