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Matty J and My Juice Fame

Matty J an I were featured as 2 of the 4 young professionals in our local Juice Magazine’s story on the Hy Vee Triathlon.  We were both the featured swimmers.  The only thing I wish readers could have seen from the story is that I really, really, am not good at this.  I am one […]

My Y Tri

My morning training with Abra and Braxton got muddled (work sometimes goofs up training, but work comes first since work pays for bikes, gear, entry fees, goggles…and I generally have a pretty sweet job.)  I was bummed, until I realized that things might fall into place for a great afternoon workout at the South Suburban […]

Omaha/Council Bluffs Trip

Matty J and I got back from a short trip to see Cake in Council Bluffs on Thursday (Harrah’s Stir Cove is a surprisingly good concert venue and brings in decent bands…Ben Folds Five will be there Sept. 27th!).  It was maybe the first vacation I’ve been on where I made an effort to bring […]

Pecha Kucha Presentation on Swimming

The Spring Pecha Kucha presentation on my relationship with swimming was posted last week.  I thought I’d share the link…some of you may recognize some of the pictures!  Also…how weird is it to hear your own voice on video?  What are your favorite (or most terrifying) memories of childhood sports?        

Massage and Triathlons

I’m a massage therapist so my endorsement of massage therapy as a valuable training and recovery tool should not come as a surprise.  I’m no stellar athlete but regardless of my skill level, my body has felt beat up since we amped up training this winter.  I can especially tell during swims when my arms […]

My first real bikes. Yikes.

I didn’t bike growing up because I grew up on a super busy road and it wasn’t safe to ride places from my house.  Also I spent 3-4 hours a day at swim practice, so there wasn’t much time for other “exercise-y” kinds of things.  Sure I’d pedal my little bike with training wheels and […]

Join me on my journey from terrified to triathlete!

I know I am not unique in my desire to train for and complete triathlons and I know that I’m not at all an expert (or that good at it…save for the swim.  I LOVE the chaos off the swim start).  What I do hope to accomplish with  my blog is to help inspire other […]

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