Copper Creek is calling my name!

I could not figure out how to channel my nervous energy for tomorrow’s Copper Creek Triathlon and then I remembered that I have a blog to talk to!  It has been awhile, but “Hello Blog, I’m back!”  In the last few months, my training took a nose dive.  Matty J and I went to Europe (yay!) where I got a lingering illness (boo!)  that made it hard to get back into the swing of things for awhile.  The weather here had, until about a week or so ago, been unseasonably cold and rainy and the lakes I like to train in have all been flooded or have been too cold or too bacteria riddled to swim in so I haven’t gotten in a lake swim this year.  Also, I decided to pack up my business and move it to a bigger space which took a bite out of my training time and more importantly, any extra energy I had.

But, excuses aside, the race is coming and it is coming tomorrow!  My anxiety level is heightened because this is the first race I’ll have done twice so I’ll be racing my previous time.  It seems like they’ve made some improvements at Copper Creek, including a shorter run from the creek to the bike transition so that will shave a bit off the race time because I remember feeling like it took forever to get to transition last year, but I really hope to get a similar day to the one we had last year so I can gauge where I’m at now, especially with some more bike experience under my race belt.

Last year's splits

Last year’s splits

I’ve also got a new tri suit to test out.  I’ve been loving my new Athleta tri shorts.  I’m just a hair over 5 ft tall and about 121 lbs.  I can wear a small but they seem slightly big.  I hesitate to order anything in an XS though. The chamois seems just about right from the bike rides/runs I’ve done and I did one swim at the Y just to be sure they weren’t going anywhere and they seemed fine.  I just hope they dry fast!

My new Athleta tri shorts

My new Athleta tri shorts

My old tri top is too big now and I tried one from Athleta that ended up being too heavy when wet (but is great for biking), then I found one from Zoot that I liked because I wanted something with brighter colors and a pattern (needed a bit of modesty, plus more helpful for my adoring fans to find me in the crowd).  I wore it on a short bike ride and a Y swim.  It was great for the swim, I hope it doesn’t chafe on the bike or run. I ordered the small and it is snug, but that’s the point.

New Zoot Tri Top

New Zoot Tri Top

I’ll go to bed early tonight but I still haven’t decided if I’m hoping for a much better forecast for tomorrow morning (i.e. not in the 90s) or I’m hoping it leans toward terrifying storms so I can escape with some dignity and still get to enjoy the awesome race swag without the anxiety of actually racing. Look for a recap one way or another tomorrow!

This race gives awesome gear!  The bag is huge and the hat is exactly what I was wanting in a running hat.  The shirt is dri fit and I actually paid $10 for it since I was running low on training shirts.

This race gives awesome gear! The bag is huge and the hat is exactly what I was wanting in a running hat. The shirt is dri fit and I actually paid $10 for it since I was running low on training shirts.

My  biggest fear is that the weather will be either really windy, or rainy but no lightning (I won’t bike on a wet road, I’m not confident enough) or just plain scary hot.  But, I just need to remind myself that I can quit anytime, there are aid stations, I can walk the run, it is only a 12.4 mile bike ride, and I’ve officially done twice this distance on a toasty day (HyVee Tri 2012).  Wish me luck!


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