Essential Swim Gear

Last night while I sneaked in a quick swim with Braxton (after “breakfast for dinner” and a couple glasses of wine…ugh) I saw a few people giving lap swimming their best attempt, but doing so without the very basics…no cap, no goggles.  I thought I’d share a few of my “must haves” for people who are new to swimming or who (like me) took over a decade off from swimming and are trying to get back into it…

My "Swimmies!"

My “Swimmies!”

Goggles: I never got into the Swedish style goggles when I was young and I found that the speedo goggles of today hurt my sinuses.  I have good luck with TYR Nest Pro goggles.  My mom and Matty J use them too.  Very soft and pliable. They come in mirrorized too for outdoor swimming.  They do tend to fog though…

Caps: I am into the brand Sporti.  They have super cute designs which I find strangely motivating.  They aren’t too tight on my head (the TYR ones squish my brains) and they slip on and off without pulling my hair.

Crocs: Disclaimer…I used to work in a nursing home and crocs were one of two approved brands of footwear.  I am no longer ashamed to admit I love them (and I hate flip flops).   And I’m pretty sure they will last 1000 years.

H2O Audio ipod Case: I have an ipod shuffle case and LOVE it.  I used to be mixed on it, but then I found the right size ear bud covers (It comes with 4-5 pairs and they have to fit well for it to work).  It doubles as an ear plug too.  I never had problems growing up with ear pain or water in my ear, but I have problems as an adult. Music makes the workouts go faster and I don’t like to be alone with my thoughts.  I tried a podcast once but that was a fail.  Music is the way to go.

Auro Dry: I have also used Swim Ear and both drops do about the same thing with the same ingredients but for some reason, I feel like Auro Dry brand works best for me.

Mojo Spa Bath Bars: Dry skin? No problem!  I discovered these yummy little candy bar looking bath goodies in Chicago. Break off one or two bars, plunk them in your bath and they dissolve so it feels like you are bathing in lotion which is perfect to combat skin dried by chlorine!

My motion sickness must-haves!

My motion sickness must-haves!

Bonine: I need half a Bonine so I don’t get nauseous or dizzy when I swim (side breathing, flip turns, waves…swimming is not good for people with vertigo problems.)  I get by with a half a tablet 30 minutes before I swim (or if I forget, sometimes need to pop one after to help the dizziness subside.  Of course, check with your doctor.  I just like them so much more than Dramamine and a doctor originally prescribed Bonine for this very problem when I was in high school.

Do you have any favorite swim essentials or brands?


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