Winter Running Gear

I’m not at all one to run in below zero temps and most definitely will not run if there is a risk of slipping on ice.  (I’m a massage therapist…can’t afford to break my wrist!) But I have done some runs in 25-30 degrees and run in drizzle (which I really do enjoy).

Since this is the first winter I’ve actually run, I had no idea what to wear or how much to wear.  I’ve heard from lots of people that the general rule is to pretend it is 10-20 degrees warmer when you run (and 10-20 degrees colder when you bike).  I think that I got lucky right off the bat with my first cold weather run purchases.  I have liked Under Armour so far for hot weather workouts so decided to stick with them for cold weather.

I have two pairs of their cold gear tights.  One is an obscenely bright pair that on the inside has a thin white fabric that I can only liken to a cloth diaper, but thinner.  The other pair is a thin fleece like waffle weave which is awesome (my training partner Braxton has a top in that fabric and loves it).   Both have worked well solo, the bright pair (pictured below-and I made an employee take a picture of me on my way out to run…I didn’t wear this to work, ha!) seems to keep me warmer and I’ve worn the waffle weave pair under waterproof pants for shoveling and snowshoeing and they kept me plenty cozy.  I got an Under Armour cold gear top too (pictured below) that seems to be absolutely perfect.  It is very thin, but feels fleecey.  It is about the warmest top and I would wear it every day if I could!

My favorite ever cold weather run top and tights.  The tights make me feel like I'm in an LMFAO video.

My favorite ever cold weather run top and tights. The tights make me feel like I’m in an LMFAO video. Especially when I hit the grocery store post run and feel like a dork.

What cold weather run clothes do you like the best? Any tips?



  1. I always make sure to have a hat that covers my ears because they get cold so easily. And I’m with you on the Underarmour.

    1. Hi Dan,
      I have an ear warmer that I like and Matt and I both love my HyVee Triathlon winter hat which has a zipper pocket in it. SCORE!

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