The Color Run: Des Moines

Color Run Des Moines=27,000 people running/walking/strolling during 2 races on Saturday.  Well, make that 26,998 because I had 2 extra registrations I couldn’t unload that day. 😉  I was mostly excited for this “race” because my brother, Scottie, and his girlfriend, Sara were coming to join us.  I was so happy to see them I could even push my severe crowd anxiety to the back of my mind.  🙂

Scott and Sara pre-run. They went all-out with the white clothes, and Sara even got Scottie into some White Stag granny pants for the occasion. 🙂

It was unseasonably cold yesterday and we stood in the massive wave of people for at least an hour waiting to run.  Everyone was pretty chipper though.  Right before our wave went off, they announced that there were still 8,000 people behind us.  If you are familiar with Des Moines area, the runners were lined up and pretty tightly packed in on Court Avenue from the judicial building all the way to East 14th.  CRAZY!

The novelty of the run, touted “The happiest 5K on the planet” was that every kilometer, volunteers splashed you with powdered color that kind of felt like flour or corn starch in your mouth (and that you were blowing out of your nose in colored chunks for the next 24 hours).  This wasn’t a competitive thing, which is kind of weird to me, but it was nice too.  I had friends who have never done a 5k do the run and saw lots of people out just enjoying fitness with friends and family.

We also got color packets to throw after the race.

Since there was a different color every kilometer, I measured the race in fifths, instead of thirds, like I usually do for a 5K.  That was nice and made it seem like a really short course.  We did end up weaving a bit to get around people walking and the large groups, but we still managed about 11 minute miles, which in the cold (and with a cold) I felt good about.  The best part of the race though was the fun little dance party at the end where every so often there would be massive clouds of color.  It was crazy to see so many people cutting loose and having fun…and the vast majority of them presumably sober.

Sara and Scott in a color cloud

See? I told you there were big crowds!

Yes, I was dancing. Yes, it was “Call me, maybe.” Yes, I’m not (entirely) ashamed to admit that I still like the song. IT IS CATCHY!



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