Food Journaling and Nutrition

While I was training for the HyVee Triathlon, I developed some really bad food habits and felt like I could eat whatever I wanted.  Actually, I pretty much could on longer training days.  I didn’t pay any attention to nutrition though, and allowed myself too many empty calories (coffee drinks, cookies, etc…)  After the race, I couldn’t keep up that level of training, but my body wanted to keep up that level of eating and I could feel weight creep on quickly.

At the same time, Matty J was facing a different food challenge after the HyVee Tri as he started ramping up his marathon training.  I was needing to cut back and he was needing to take in more calories…and more varied calories.

I’d used bodybugg a few times in the past and logged food on MyApex by I didn’t feel like re-subscribing and I don’t like wearing an armband so I decided to try’s FREE (yay!) My Plate feature to log food.  My friends Kelli and Brandon had recommended it years ago and I’m glad I remembered it.  Matt and I have been really diligent about entering food and workouts and it has been very motivating.  I know now that if I want to sneak to the coffee shop for cookies, I may have to forgo wine with dinner or add another 15 minutes to my run.  I’ve also cut back on things like sampling or taking a bite of someone else’s treats because I don’t want to take the time to figure out what to enter online.  They have a huge database of restaurant meals and even the prepared Whole Foods salads that I like to grab and go.  They also let you store and share recipes so I can post a recipe I’ve made for us that Matt can then use without re-creating it.  This has encouraged me to be better about eating leftovers too since they’re easy to track! 🙂

Since starting my food journal on My Plate I’ve lost 2 lbs from my lowest triathlon weight, even though I’m working out only 30-45 minutes about 5 times a week instead of 45-120 minutes 6 days a week!  Matt has also been able to alter his diet to make sure he’s getting the right kinds of food to manage the longer (20+ mile) training runs leading up to the marathon later this month.  This has been perfect proof that exercise is good.  Very good.  But to be truly healthy food choices need to take center stage.

Do you log food and exercise? How/where?  Any sites you recommend?


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