New Swim Challenge? Maybe Not.

The Walnut Creek YMCA in Des Moines area has an annual 100x100s on 100 seconds every New Year’s Eve Day.  Not that this would sound familiar to ANY of my old swim buddies.  Just kidding!  Remember Cy’s New Year “parties?”  We did the number of 100’s of the year it was turning on a quick interval (1:15-1:30?) so say it was 1995, we’d do 95x100s.  I think that the longest swim workout I’ve done as a grown up is maybe 3000 meters? I had been toying with the idea of signing up and logging lots of pool time before the event, but I’m still not sure that I won’t be able to get all of the swim done in the allotted time.

That being said…

Today was my second swim since the HyVee Tri and I may have had an epiphany: I really don’t like swimming.  Okay, this isn’t the first time I’ve had that epiphany.  I just forget that I don’t like swimming  because it is the part of a triathlon that makes me happiest because I am not getting passed by everyone’s grandma!  Even when I try to liven up my pool workouts with challenging sets and my h20 Shuffle iPod, the thought of going much more than an hour is as appealing as the thought of going to the dentist for a cavity.

Since today’s swim, my sinuses have been icky, I have water in my ears, I’m just getting over the vertigo I often get from swimming, and my skin and eyes still burn from the chlorine, and all of this makes midday swim workouts far more of a schedule challenge than, say, a midday run. (whine, whine, whine!)

I decided that if I really don’t like to do something, I probably shouldn’t invest the time I’d need to do the 100x100s challenge.  That doesn’t mean I won’t swim for awhile, I’ll probably do about 2 workouts in the pool a week until it gets closer to tri season again, but I really need to invest more of my time running and biking (or spin class at the least) to improve my times in those areas and  because I like doing them better. My hair will also appreciate that I have abandoned my plan to subject it to chlorine torture 5 days a week.  Who knows, I may still sign up for the challenge just to see how many yards I can knock out when I’m in good/motivated company…I just won’t train hard for it.

And Matty J reminded me that the Living History Farms 7 mile cross country race is in November…so that gives me another small goal on my way to my next (as yet to be determined) big goal.

Courtesy of Abra who snapped a picture of me with mama chris (who likes swimming!) before the HyVee Tri.



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