Slump a dump

A few days after the HyVee Tri, I ran about 4 miles with Braxton and Matty J.  Since then, I’ve not even been able to run 2 miles.  Actually, scratch that…I haven’t even made a whole mile without having to stop and walk, or without getting a bad side cramp.  The farthest distance I’ve covered since that run is about 2.25 miles.  I’ve had 2 pilates sessions, a short/easy bike ride, 1 decent run and 2 really crappy ones (one that could best be described as a leisure walk).  I have the Flapjack 10K on Sunday.  It’ll be about 2 weeks post triathlon and I’m very anxious!

I can’t decide if the slump is because I’ve been exhausted from adding teaching a night class to my schedule for a few days (it’s my last night!) or from my horrendous allergies made worse by the triathlon (and related allergy medications).  I worry most that it is a mental thing made worse by seeing my training partners successfully log long (16 mile) runs to train for their October marathon.  Whatever is going on with my body and brain needs to stop!

Do you think it is normal to need at least 2 weeks to recover from a 5150 distance tri? Have you had an experience like this?  I hope that some sleep, the adjustment I got today (first since the triathlon…bad, bad me!) and the massage I’ll get tomorrow (same thing…first since the tri…BAD, BAD me!) will help.

I think that I’ll plan to get a massage within 2 days of my next race/triathlon and practice what I preach to help speed recovery so this doesn’t happen next time.



  1. Obviously I am not an expert, but I know you well enough to know when you add in teaching it does add stress to your daily routine. It is hard to get motivated in your limited free time when you are putting in 12 hour days. Ypour adjustment and massage will help your body get back into alignment and work out those kinks. And if this run is true to it’s name and there will be pancakes involved your mind will push you to a good run and a good after race pigout. Also look at this as holding a 2 week taper.

    1. Yes, those late nights did take a toll! I got an adjustment and 75 minute massage when my class was over and then promptly went and ran 3 miles…slowly, but without stopping!

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