Taper Workouts

I’ve been edgy this week.  I thought tapering would be awesome like it was when I was a kid swimming and we went from 3-4 hours of workouts a day to 30 minutes a day.  Now I have all kinds of grown-up stresses I want to take out on a workout, but the light workouts aren’t cutting it.  I also can’t take the edge off of my anxiety on a couple glasses of wine or Icelandic schnapps either since that is a taper week no-no.

Abra and I did decide to celebrate her birthday with a bike ride yesterday.  We met at a trail and as I was airing up my tire, a piece snapped off my tire valve and the spring fell into my tire.  Then my tire deflated and I had to hit a bike shop.  They fixed me right up, sent me on my way and Abra and I attempted the ride again.

We both had new magnets for our bike computers.  Hers actually worked for a change, but mine still didn’t.  I’m not totally convinced it is because my battery is bad, and I really, really want a good read for the HyVee tri this weekend so I think I have to suck it up and buy a better one.  On the ride, I also noticed my seat had gotten wonky and possible had been lowered quite a bit when it was tuned up last week.  We didn’t have an allen wrench on us so that had to wait until I got home.

Part way through the ride, we hit a road and Abra wasn’t able to unclip (I think she was having issues with her cleats) so she ended up abruptly turning to ride up the road as a car was coming instead of crossing or falling.  I was able to unclip but have gotten lazy about unclipping both shoes as I’ve gotten more confident.  Of course, this resulted in me laying on the ground under the bike (and a few good bruises today).

The grand finale of our trip was as I was driving back to my house with my bike in the back of the car, I heard (and smelled!) the front tire spontaneously deflate.  So, back to the bike shop with it today (I need to learn to repair tires and tubes).  I suppose it is a good thing I DID go back out for another attempt at a ride last night so my bike and I could get all of the bad stuff out of our system.  I hope that this will bode well for Sunday…


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