World Massage Festival

Last week I was fortunate to be able to go to the World Massage Festival in Las Vegas from Monday early morning-Thursday afternoon and learn from some really accomplished massage therapists.  The timing stressed me out though, just 2 weeks before the HyVee Tri and my last hard training week so I knew I’d have to figure out a good schedule which I managed.

The highlight of the trip was being able to take classes from a great therapist, Art Riggs.  He spent his breaks addressing individual concerns and since I’ve been having lots of problems in my foot/ankle surrounding my talus bone, he used me as a teaching tool and treated my foot and ankle.  He used a model of the foot and really explained the anatomy.  My foot and ankle were entirely pain free after that, even wearing my running shoes.  Before that treatment I’d had great massage in the area from one of my employees and was mostly pain free unless I wore running or ANY supportive shoe.  After, I felt great and have not had any issues since regardless of the shoes I wear.  I was even able to take what he taught me on my own foot back to use on my husband as he’s struggling with pain from marathon training.

He worked on my ankle with me sitting on the table and also something I’d never experienced: treating my foot and ankle while I stood on the ground for gravity assistance. It was AWESOME!

My travel week workouts:

Sunday: Before I left, I decided I’d better kick some butt.  Matty J and I biked about 26 miles, then I ran about 5.5 before I had an event to attend.  I was SO TIRED!  I was glad to know that I could have kept running, but also reminded myself that in the HyVee Tri, I’ll have a mile swim first.

Monday: Flying out at 6:40 am, classes from 2-8pm.  It’s gonna be a rest day.

Tuesday: Workout at the hotel gym.  There were nice treadmills and a 2 lane 25 yard lap pool (but it was mostly 3 feet and no wall or bottom markings so kind of hard for flipturns).  I got to see a few of my colleagues in the gym too which was nice.  I think it gives us the “practice what you preach” cred.  🙂  I did a 5K on the treadmill and just 750 yards in the pool.

Wednesday: Walk for hours on the strip

Thursday: Return home.  750 meter WINDY lake swim, 10 mile bike ride including hills. So tired!

Friday: WIPED OUT! Another rest day.

Saturday: Swim the Bridge Race (500 meters HARD plus 200ish meter warm up) and 45 minute bike on trainer

Sunday: 5.7 mile run with  Matt (easy pace, felt wonderful), 60 minute bike ride with Abra, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat. So hungry!

Now to survive this last week…my main goal is to stay healthy and keep my allergies at bay…and resist the temptation to over train.





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  1. So glad you joined us. Hope you make it to the Queen Mary next year!

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