Swim the Bridge Race

Today was the 2nd Annual Swim the Bridge race in Granger, IA.  Participants had the option of the 500 meter, 1.2 mile, 2.4 mile, and 5K.  I mostly wanted to go for fun and re-live one of my favorite distances from my teen years so I just did the 500 meter (plus, it was $15 cheaper than my next choice, the 1.2 mile…)  It was nice to have an opportunity to just swim, since swim races for adults are pretty rare.

My first “grown-up” swim meet. All ready to go!

The race was in the Sailorville Reservoir along the mile long bridge.  It was a cloudy, chilly morning so the race was wetsuit legal and a perfect chance for triathletes to test out their wetsuits before the HyVee Tri in case that is wetsuit legal again this year.  I don’t use a wetsuit, so I found the water to be a bit chilly but also really invigorating.

The only drawback to the event was that it was very rocky entering and exiting the water.  Scary rocky.  I cut up one of my toenails during my warmup, but during the race, we were able to start in the water so it was safe.  People were very carefully exiting the water.  The 2.4 mile and 5K races were in laps so swimmers had to exit the water and get back in for the second lap.

As an added bonus, Matty J joined me for the race so we got to hang out this morning and I got to meet someone he does work with who has a great triathlon blog and gave us some helpful tips for the HyVee and longer events as he’s got several years of racing under his belt.

These are the people who were motivated to do more than just the 500 meter race. I regret not signing up for the 1.2 mile…it was a diverse group of athletes, both age wise and fitness wise.  I appreciate that!

Yeah, I pretty much got this just for showing up. I was the only female 30-34 who did the 500 meter. On the up side, I did 3rd overall of women (including those wearing wetsuits…boo-yah!) and the women who were faster than me were also a decade younger. Also, I can say I’m racing against people who are a decade younger than me. And they’re still grown ups. Yikes.

I feel like I’ve accomplished something this morning, but actually…between warm up and the race, I only swam 750 meters today.  And they weren’t even that great (don’t be fooled by my “participation ” medal!)  Hopefully the rain that started after the race will subside in a few hours so I can go for a long run.


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