My Y Tri

My morning training with Abra and Braxton got muddled (work sometimes goofs up training, but work comes first since work pays for bikes, gear, entry fees, goggles…and I generally have a pretty sweet job.)  I was bummed, until I realized that things might fall into place for a great afternoon workout at the South Suburban Y.

Open Swim was at 4:00, a Spin Class was at 5:35, and that left plenty of time to run on the treadmill in between.  My own little “Y-Tri!”

2200 Yard Swim: 700 warm up, 6×200’s (100 hard/100 easy, 50 easy/100 yard/50 easy, 100 easy/100 hard.  Repeat), 300 cool down.

3 mile treadmill run (about 32 minutes)

45 minutes of hard spin class, hill and speedwork.

I had only done 2 spin classes prior to this one.  I have found some of the instructors to be a bit shrill.  Like banshees.  They also seem to love riding out of the saddle.  Last night the instructor, Tim, started class by saying he was just going to make suggestions for us, but it was up to us to train the way we needed to, he was there to make sure we were safe.  I appreciated that.  He introduced me to others in class and I let him know I was very new to cycling.  He offered some good pointers for postural changes and seemed attentive to everybody’s form.

I became positively giddy at the end of the workout when I realized that I’d covered (overall) more distance than the Copper Creek Tri.  Granted, it was in air conditioning, with decent bathrooms and no stressful transitions…but it felt amazing and I could have run a bit more after spin class if I’d have wanted to.  This made me feel very good.  I think this might be my new Thursday night routine…until the next schedule snafu!  Anybody want to join me?


Oh, so on my way home from the Y, I heard the unmistakable sound of a tire deflating.

This is not a healthy tire!

I was almost home so kept going.  Matty J was out running and I called Braxton to let him know we’d probably miss dinner with him (see, the universe was not at all keen on any of my plans to meet up with training partners yesterday) on account of this.  He rushed over and taught me to change a tire.

Today I woke up with ankles so sore from my little Y-Tri adventure (and trying new foot postures while biking) I was a bit limpy and whiney.  I decided to get a pedicure.  Fortunately I work where that is an option.  My employee Leah did an incredible job and used some nice deep massage techniques. Ankle pain completely gone…and toes a lovely fall hunter green to celebrate this cool day!

Fall colors for a chilly august day!


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