Running, running, running

I was thinking today about what my weakest triathlon leg is.  Definitely a tie between biking and running.  That’s good.  In a race that is 51.5 kilometers, I’m only good at 1.5 kilometers.  So, I’m good at 3% of the race (distance wise.)  This is probably not a good line of thinking…

I did my best time on a 5K on Saturday at the Harvest Dreams 5K race, around 31:20 (about 10:45 minute miles, the first time I’ve run a race splitting under 11 minute miles!)  As an added benefit, race proceeds went to the I Have a Dream Foundation…check it out!

Scott Pallwitz, (check out his awesome guest blog entry!), me, and training partner Abra’s daughter, Aria (who finished the race!) Photo by Abra.

I did a treadmill run with Braxton last night.  It was nice to be able to run together when both of us could keep a good pace for our abilities.  Braxton came up with a short workout that was 5 minutes at a comfortable pace, then moving the treadmill speed up 7 notches, then backing it down two notches every minute back to the original pace for 5 minutes.  Repeating for just over 30 minutes.  (I think I have that right…I goofed it up the first time!)  I’ve never run at a pace under 9 min. miles EVER, but I tell you what, just doing 1 minute at about 8.5 min. miles pace makes running at a 10 min. mile pace seen like cake.  I think I’ll have to try that workout again!

Tonight I did about a 5K in my hilly neighborhood.  I had zero motivation and had to tell myself that I’d just do about 10 minutes and if I felt okay, I could keep going.  If not, I could quit.  Of course I didn’t want to quit, it was just a matter of starting.  I walked the uphills since that is my plan for the HyVee Triathlon…except for the uphill at the end.  I’m definitely going to run that since I don’t want to walk in front of so many people.  And the finisher pix camera.  ha.

To celebrate actually getting off my butt, I decided to sip a glass of rose while watching the Olympics (I’ve managed to avoid swimming spoilers today!) with Ernie and Abbey Gayle.  And PHELPS JUST WON!  Perfect evening.

Sleeping dogs, crisp glass of rose, and a Phelps 200 IM three-peat. A good night indeed!



  1. I like that workout Braxton came up with. I know what you mean on those days of zero motivation. Once I actually go to all the work of getting to the pool, putting on a suit, and getting in the water I usually end up doing a decent workout. It is that little voice telling me it is ok to just do a short workout seems to motivate me to do more.

  2. Thanks, Mom. I need to try that trick tomorrow since I need to get a run in the morning. I feel like all those years of getting up to swim at 5 and 5:30 am just completely made me stubborn about NOT doing anything before 9 am now. And with the pool, my biggest hesitation is just getting wet! Once I’m in the water, it’s smooth sailing (or swimming. Ner.)

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