Basement Bike/Remember MTV VJs?

The heat wave is *almost* over and we’re biking in the basement with friends tonight.  Braxton puts together a video playlist (very reminiscent of watching old school MTV-if you’re over 30, you get it) and we rock out alternating sprint songs and easy songs.  Our training partners’ daughter (age 9) performs dances for us along with her favorite videos.  It makes the time go faster than spinning alone on a trainer and isn’t as miserable as biking outside in this heat.  It will also be a good (safe) practice in remembering to unclip from my pedals.  I may have Matty J occasionally yell things at me: “Stop! Dog off leash!”  “Stop, Car!”  “GRIZZLY BEAR!” so I can practice.

What music videos should we have on our list? Any good 90s or early 2000-era videos we need to add?  Any funny or ridiculously inappropriate videos to distract us on our sprints?

Basement Biking/Party Rocking



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