I’d always be in pain without…

My top picks for self-care (full disclosure, I carry several of these items at my business, but that’s only because I believe in them wholeheartedly and use them regularly):

#5: Biofreeze

We sell this like crazy at the spa.  I prefer the spray as it is easier to apply and is a higher concentration than the roll-on.  I even hit the back of my neck when I start to get a tension headache.  My employees and I have been known to spray some on our back or stomach when the a/c isn’t keeping up and we’re about to do a hot stone massage (though I’m pretty sure this is not the recommended use…)

#4: Foam Roller

I lay on my roller vertically, horizontally, and roll out my back, stretch my neck, open my pecs and can really ease tight muscles when I can’t get a massage or adjustment right away.  There are lots of ideas for exercises online.  You can pick up a roller at Target or any fitness store.

#3: Weekend Warrior Salts

The Weekend Warrior bath salt blend from Prairieland Herbs includes essential oils like cinnamon leaf, ginger, and peppermint to help ease sore muscles and boost circulation.  To make ours go farther and to add magnesium for muscle tightness and spasms, we combine 2 T. of Weekend Warrior blend with 1 c. epsom salts, pour into the tub, and soak for 20-30 minutes.  You can get your salts direct from Prairieland Herbs, or if you live in Des Moines, pop into the spa, we carry them!

#2. TheraPearl

This is the best ice pack I’ve found.  I keep one in the fridge for headaches and one in the freezer for joint and muscle pain.  They are flexible and come in a variety of functional sizes.  You can most likely find them all over the internet.

#1 Derma E’s Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme

This is my go-to cure all for bumps, rashes, acne from sunscreen and sweat, bug bites and sunburn.  I also use it on my dogs when they’re itchy!  Derma E recently re-vamped their packaging so the image shown is the new packaging.  The old packaging is fairly different, but the product is the same!  We carry most of the Derma E line and several health food stores and co-ops carry this line, but you can order direct through Derma E too.



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  1. I agree! In fact I have used the roller and the spray already today along with 2 advil. I didn’t know about the Derma E Tea tree but will head down to health food store and pick up a jar. Good to know about all the other uses for it, dogs and bug bites. I will be putting in order for Weekend warrior a good soak in the tub is essential for my old tired muscles.

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