Clipless Pedals (attempt 1, of many)

I decided to take the plunge and get clipless pedals instead of trying the clips (I call them cages, whatever) and getting into that habit then having to change my habit.  I have small feet so had to order my Shimano shoes from Zappos to get my size.  They arrived in a day and fit perfectly!  I wanted to support local so I got my pedals and cleats at Bike World West where they installed them for me.

I was so excited to get home and put my bike on the trainer to figure them out.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to clip in and out, nothing like I’d expected.  But, my feet were stuck (pretty much) to the pedals.  I assumed maybe since I seemed apprehensive at the shop they loosened up the setting quite a bit.  I played around for awhile and got confident, then I went to get Matty J’s allen wrench and tighten them up a bit.

So, fast forward to a few hours later when MJ got home from work and I raced to show him how well I was learning and that I even changed the settings myself.  He said “Oh, you aren’t clipped all the way in.”  I said, “Yes I am, look!  The pedal is stuck to my shoe!”  Then he showed me how to clip in and after about a minute of trying to push my toe forward and heel down I heard “CLICK!”

OH MY GAWD!  I was doing it wrong.  Way wrong. Then he said, “okay, try to clip out” and it took me forever!  I told him that I think it is because I tightened the setting.  So he grabbed his allen wrench sets and realized none of them actually fit the pedals since they require a metric wrench.  I didn’t actually tighten the setting either.  Whoops.

So…I’m off to the hardware store today for a metric allen wrench and to loosen the setting and try again.  To his credit, Matty J was super supportive and did not laugh at me…even though he totally should have!  I think I’ll be on the trainer for at least one more workout.  ha.

Well, at least I could get my shoes on correctly…



  1. I love this story, Cassie!

    My recommendation is to ease into the tighter settings until you are comfortable. I still have mine on the easiest setting so I can click out quickly and without much effort. When I started someone told me to expect to fall at least 3 times. I did. All 3 times were on my first ride with the new pedals! Good luck!

    1. Renae, I thought you’d enjoy my first attempt! I feel good knowing yours are on the easiest setting. I hope that mine are, in fact, NOT on the easiest setting since it is hard to unclip. I’m not too worried about falling (once I get the setting right) because I am such a new and nervous rider anyway that I always slow very early before a stop and rarely do I ride on streets. With the new pedals, it’ll be quite awhile before I ride on a street…and I might do so in full padding. ha ha.

  2. […] in the afternoon.  I don’t know why I was super confident about my clipless pedals after my first brilliant attempt, but I was excited to try them “for real” when we started out on our ride on the […]

  3. It’s great to practice on the trainer first so you get comfy. Then just go around the block and clip in and out before you go on a “real” ride. I still have mine on easiest setting after all these years. It’s gonna make you faster! Have fun!

    1. Thanks! I am excited to see how I feel a couple weeks from now. Also, I love your blog! 🙂

  4. You’re welcome! And so glad you like my blog–it’s been a lot of fun! 🙂

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