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Contingency plans make my tummy hurt!

Last night I let myself think about what I’d do if the HyVee Triathlon has to go into “contingency plan” mode.  The drought here has been bad for water levels in the river where the pro athletes will race.  Of course, they could always move them to the lake where the age groupers race since […]

Swim pointers and observations for new triathletes

I’m not an experienced triathlete, but I am comfortable swimmer.  My mom, (a.k.a. Mama Chris) will be swimming on teammate Abra’s HyVee Triathlon team next month so we’ve been talking quite a bit about what she can expect.  She asked me to put together some thoughts/observations/”things that surprised me” for her so I thought I’d […]

Omaha/Council Bluffs Trip

Matty J and I got back from a short trip to see Cake in Council Bluffs on Thursday (Harrah’s Stir Cove is a surprisingly good concert venue and brings in decent bands…Ben Folds Five will be there Sept. 27th!).  It was maybe the first vacation I’ve been on where I made an effort to bring […]

Basement Bike/Remember MTV VJs?

The heat wave is *almost* over and we’re biking in the basement with friends tonight.  Braxton puts together a video playlist (very reminiscent of watching old school MTV-if you’re over 30, you get it) and we rock out alternating sprint songs and easy songs.  Our training partners’ daughter (age 9) performs dances for us along […]

Obsessed with Ironman Blogs/Random Thoughts of the Day

Uh Oh. I’ve found a new distraction.  Since I’d been having lots of self-doubt about my impending 5150 (the HyVee Tri) I decided to read about people’s first Ironman Triathlons.  I am absolutely obsessed.  Here are a few of my favorites so far from people who have completed an Ironman (and make it seem do-able): […]

A rough ride/clipless pedal poll

Abra, Braxton, Matt and I rather awkwardly and hastily put together a ride this morning (we weren’t fully awake) to beat the heat in the afternoon.  I don’t know why I was super confident about my clipless pedals after my first brilliant attempt, but I was excited to try them “for real” when we started […]

Preventing Side Cramps

Less than a mile into the Midnight Madness 10K last weekend, I started getting a side cramp. Or a side stitch, or a side ache, or whatever you want to call it. I had heard a number of explanations for why these happen: you’re running too hard, your stomach is too full, you’re dehydrated, you aren’t exhaling […]

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