When do you find time to train?

Teammate Braxton sent a paper copy of this 18 week training program (we’d be starting about week 9) to prepare for the HyVee Triathlon Olympic distance race (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run) the first weekend in September.  I knew training would take quite a bit of time, but actually seeing the commitment laid out on paper makes me think “Do I need to quit my job and give up my little remaining social life to do this thing?”  Not only are there loads of run, bike, and swim workouts, but they also recommend at least 2 weekly weight training workouts (“no more than three”…um…I don’t think I have to worry about doing too many strength training days)

Then I thought, “Ok, there are parents, other business owners, parents who are business owners, people even busier than I am who make it work .”  So, I guess that part of being crazy enough to want to do a triathlon is being crazy enough to make the rest of your life crazy busy too.  I’m just really lucky Matty J is doing this with me.  I suspect that for the rest of the summer, most of our dates are going to be sweaty…and NOT like that (get your mind out of the gutter!)

I also suspect at least 2 more things will have to happen:

#1: I’ll have to be confident enough to ride my bike alone (I still haven’t done this, unless you count the long and lonely miles in the Brooklyn Triathlon where I couldn’t even see other athletes I was so far behind)

#2: My morning tea and “look-at-dogs-being-cute-online” time is going to be abbreviated in favor of a workout.  Argh.

It’ll be worth it at the finish line!



  1. Hey! I’m doing Hy-Vee Tri too! I feel the same way about training. I’m trying to fit it all in right now but it’s tough. Can’t wait to see how your training goes 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for posting, Stephanie! Did you do HyVee last year? I’d happily accept any suggestions. 🙂 Happy training and keep me posted on your progress!

      1. Nope, this will be my first time doing Hy-Vee or any olympic distance race. I’ve done a handful of sprints though!

        A friend that did Hy-Vee last year told me they were handing out bacon on the bike ride. That just cracked me up! 😛

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