Goldilocks Goggle Review

I feel a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to goggles.  I am very picky, a good pair of goggles could make or break a long swim and little discomforts seem magnified in open water!  I’ve tried three types of goggles since starting swimming again as an adult, found one that was  too unreliable, one that was too rigid, and one that was just right.  I wanted to share a thoughts on goggles I’ve used recently.

The first goggle I tried when I started swimming again was reminiscent of my favorite goggle growing up in the pool.  The Speedo Sprint Goggle.

The pros: Very comfortable starting goggle, easy to adjust the strap and nose piece, great for short pool swims, inexpensive.

The cons: They are fast to fog, the foam breaks down over time and starts letting in water.

Goldilocks Verdict: Too unreliable. I would not depend on a pair of these in a long race or in open water.

The second goggle I tried was the Speedo Vanquisher.  These goggles are more readily available in local stores including (for those in Des Moines) Action Accents.

The pros: These are good looking goggles and the mirrored version is great for outdoor swims as the early morning or evening.  If I was racing short distances, these would be a good choice.  They come with different sized nose straps.  They resist fogging for a long time. I’d trust them to stay on in an open water swim.

The cons: The fit made my eyeballs feel like they would pop out of their sockets after about 1000 yards and I’d have to switch to a different kind of goggle for the rest of my workout.  I tried several nose strap variations on the women’s style and even tested the men’s style but after just half of a workout, I’d felt lots of pain around my eye sockets and sinuses from these.

Goldilocks Verdict: Too rigid.  I’d only wear these for a race of about 500 meters or shorter, too uncomfortable for a workout.

The third type of goggle I tried was TYR’s Nest Pro goggle.

The pros: These are exceptionally comfortable.  I have never in my life felt such a comfortable, flexible, yet secure fit around my eyes.  They resisted fogging for quite a few workouts and I’m working on the same pair I’ve had for about 7 months.  The strap is easy and fast to adjust.

The cons: The mirrored version is not as effective as the Speedo Vanquisher’s  mirrored version.  The fit is close to the eye so if you have longer eyelashes or are wearing mascara, you might find the lens brushes your lashes.  It is a bit weird, but doesn’t happen all the time.

Goldilocks Verdict: These are just right!  I have even bought pairs for Matty J and my mom (Mama Chris!) who puts in far more yardage than I do each week.  Both were also sold on them after just one workout.


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