Copper Creek Triathlon

Team Customer Service plus several other of our friends finished the Copper Creek Triathlon today.  The course was better suited to my skills with a longer swim and shorter bike.

The race was very well-organized with plenty of volunteers.  The swim was 750 meters clockwise in Copper Creek.  The water temp felt great by my standards.  The start was in the water due to the sharp and large rocks at the entry point so starting from a tread was new for me (and less enjoyable than running into the water en masse, which I’ve grown to love).  The course was pretty good, save for the long run from the creek to the transition area after the swim. A 12.5 mile fairly hilly bike (The city is called Pleasant Hill, after all)  and a 5k through the neighborhoods and partially around Copper Creek.

The Highlights:

  • Both the run and bike were down-and-back style so I got to see friends and acquaintances in passing which was always a quick attitude boost.
  • The lake was great and the swim course had a very long portion that was not into the sun so sighting was easy.  I didn’t feel at all crowded except the normal off-the-start rush.  I think they left pretty sufficient time between waves to avoid congestion.
  • As usual, the other competitors were friendly and encouraging.  Triathletes are so awesome!
  • Rounding the corner of the residential section to hit the run course on the lake trail was super invigorating.  Hearing the music play and the names of the finishers announced really pumped me up…I couldn’t wait to hear my own named announced too!
  • I had two goals and accomplished both. Goal #1: Pass at least one person on the bike ride.  I passed exactly one person on the bike ride and got a crazy rush as I politely uttered “on your left.”  Goal 2: Don’t walk.  I ran the entire 5k.  My overall time was 3 minutes better than the best case scenario I’d worked out in my head.  Woo!

I can’t wait to do this race again next year and see where I compare!

Team Customer Service after the race. We look surprisingly good. But be glad you can’t smell us.

I loved getting our times immediately after the race on these little receipts. Sweet! P.S. I’ll have it known that my swim time includes a long and cautious walk from the creek to the transition area. ahem. 😉  Matty J is getting too close for comfort to me on the swim.  You can find me at the pool this summer!

I knew I’d be getting Rock Bottom Brewery’s Ballpark Pretzels with cheese dip for dinner tonight. I actually fantasized about the salt, fat, and carbs on the bike ride several times. THIS is why I exercise.


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