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Dangers of warm water swimming

Per usual, Mama Chris and I have been discussing our swim workouts.  It has been in the high 90s to over 100 degrees in Iowa lately and my workouts have suffered.  Red hair (even if it is fake, it suits my skin tone!), pasty pale and freckled skin, light eyes, history of heat exhaustion…my body […]

So nose clips are cool now?

When I was a kid on the swim team, NOBODY wore nose clips or plugs to swim.  They’d have been laughed all the way back to the locker room.  I’m sure swimmers who grew up when I did were equally shocked to hear that nose clips are cool now.  At first I thought it was […]

Tri-ing Experience by Scott Pallwitz

I owe a big thanks to Scott Pallwitz for sharing this awesome account of his first triathlon, the 2012 Copper Creek Tri.  I can’t wait to see him at another one and I hope if you are on the fence about pushing your athletic comfort zone that this story inspires you to just go for […]

Workout Music – Part 1

When running or biking solo, I usually listen to my iPod on shuffle. My iPod isn’t exactly loaded with dance music or your typical workout-type songs. Don’t get me wrong, a little LMFAO or the like is great for working out. But my music library is populated with the likes of Ben Folds, Cake, Death […]

When do you find time to train?

Teammate Braxton sent a paper copy of this 18 week training program (we’d be starting about week 9) to prepare for the HyVee Triathlon Olympic distance race (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run) the first weekend in September.  I knew training would take quite a bit of time, but actually seeing the commitment laid out […]

Goldilocks Goggle Review

I feel a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to goggles.  I am very picky, a good pair of goggles could make or break a long swim and little discomforts seem magnified in open water!  I’ve tried three types of goggles since starting swimming again as an adult, found one that was  too unreliable, one […]

Copper Creek Triathlon

Team Customer Service plus several other of our friends finished the Copper Creek Triathlon today.  The course was better suited to my skills with a longer swim and shorter bike. The race was very well-organized with plenty of volunteers.  The swim was 750 meters clockwise in Copper Creek.  The water temp felt great by my […]

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